Željko Uremović was born in 1957 in Vinkovci and grew up in a small village called Andrijaševci in eastern Croatia.

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Zagreb in 1982 in the class of Professor Raoul Goldoni.

He started to hold exhibitions in 1985. He has held over 50 independent exhibitions in Croatia, Norway, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

During the exhibition Grand Prix International d´Art Plastique held in 1990 in Nice, France, he was awarded for originality of technique and work of art.

Željko Uremović is a member of the International Christian Media Commission (ICMC) since the date of its foundation in Sheffield, UK, in 1991. He participated in several international conferences of artists - Christians (Austria 1993, Hungary 1995 and Croatia 1999). Since 1987 he has worked as an independent artist.

For some time he worked as a professor of fine arts in high school, and from 2014 - 2016 he held art workshops for older amateurs in his atelier in Trogir. Due to great interest, and especially from the youngest students, in 2016 he organized an art workshop for children at the Trogir promenade, by the church of St Dominik. Approximately 40 children participated in that workshop, from 2,5 to 12 years old.

During the winter he lives and works in the Czech Republic, for few years he has lived in Prague, and since 2013 he has been living in Pernink near Karlovy Vary. During the summer season he works and exhibits in Trogir, in southern Dalmatia, in his studio Open Atelier Uremović. It is always his pleasure to welcome guests interested in his work up to his Atelier.



  • 1990 - France, Nice, L’Aigne Magazine Price for originality of artwork at the Grand Prix International d’Art Plastique
  • 1999 - Croatia, Osijek, 2nd Waldinger’s Salon Approval



2022 – Czech Republic, Loket nad Ohří, Galerie Cafe Loket

2021 – Czech Republic, Ostrov, Stará radnice

2019 – Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary, Krajská nemocnice Karlovy Vary

2017 – Czech Republic, Loket nad Ohři, Galerie Cafe Loket

2017 – Croatia, Zagreb, Galerija specijalne policije

2016 – Czech Republic, Loket nad Ohří, Cafe galerie

2016 – Norway, Os, Vedholmen Galleri

2014 – Germany, Scheessel Kunstgewerbehaus

2013 – Norway, Tysvaertunet

2012 – Norway, Fevik, Fevik kirke

2012 – Croatia, Trogir, Muzej grada Trogira

2012 – Norway, Os, Vedholmen Galleri

2011 – Czech Republic, Lanškroun, Galerie Městského muzea

2011 – Czech Republic, Poděbrady, Galerie Ludvíka Kuby

2011 – Norway, Sveio, Ryvarden Kulturfyr

2010 – Czech Republic, Poděbrady, Galerie Ludvíka Kuby

2009 – Belgium, Olen, De sterrewijzer

2009 – Croatia, Vinkovci, Galerija gradskog kazališta Joza Ivakič

2009 – Norway, Vikedal kirke

2009 – Norway, Sannidal, Hageutstilling pa Lonne gard

2008 – Belgium, Olen, De sterrewijzer

2008 – Czech Republic, Loket nad Ohří, Cafe galerie

2008 – Norway, Sand, „Galleri A´godt!“

2007 – Norway, Sandeid, „Galleri A´godt!“

2005 – Croatia, Biograd na Moru, Cafe-galerija „Carpymore“

2004 – Croatia, Vinkovci, Galerija „Slavko Kopač“

2003 – Austria, Feistriz am Gail, Galerie Druml

2003 – Italy, Verona, Galerie Fondacije Tonioni

2001 – Croatia, Zagreb, exhibition area of Ministry of Finance

2000 – Switzerland, Basel-Langenthal, Galerie SGM Klinik

1998 – Croatia, Zagreb, Galerija „Citroen“

1997 – Croatia, Šibenik, Galerija Baptističke crkve „Ihthus“

1997 – Croatia, Osijek, Caffe-galerija „Kvazimondo“

1996 – Croatia, Zagreb, Galerija INA- Ksaver

1995 – Croatia, Karlovac, Zorin-dom

1994 – Croatia, Zagreb, Galerija INA V. Holjevca

1994 – Croatia, Đakovo, Dijecezanski muzej „J. J. Strossmayera“

1993 – France, Cannes, Galerie Mengin

1992 – Germany, Reutlingen, Hrvatska katolička misija

1991 – Germany, Munich, „Europaeische Patentamt“

1990 – The Netherlands, Rotterdam, „Continental Art Centre“

1989 – Croatia, Vrbnik na Krku, Galerija „Bačin dvor“

1989 – Croatia, Punat, Galerija „TOŠ“

1989 – The Netherlands, Den Haag, „Galerie Art + Craft“

1988 – Germany, Karlsruhe, „Galerie am Basler Tor“

1987 – Croatia, Zagreb, Galerija „Moša Pijade“

1987 – Croatia, Zagreb, Galerija „Vladimir Nazor“

1986 – Croatia, Vinkovci, Galerija Grada Vinkovaca

1985 – Croatia, Karlovac, Zilik


  • 1991 - UK, Sheffield, World Exhibition of Christian artists on „The Last Supper of the Lord“

  • 1993 - Austria, Schloss Mittersill, Christian artists from Central and Eastern Europe

  • 1995 - Hungary, Budapest, Congress of Christian artists

  • 1996 - Croatia, Sv. I. Zelina, Christ in contemporary Croatian painting

  • 1997 - Croatia, XV. Slavonian Biennale

  • 1999 - Croatia, Osijek, II. Waldinger salon

  • 2000 - Slovenia, Kranj, World Festival Art on Paper

  • 2000 - Argentina, Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Recoleta, „Arte Sacro Croata“, Embassy of the Republic of Croatia

  • 2004 - Norway, Sandeid, Galerie „A´godt!“